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E.L. Ward

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E.L. Ward is the celebrated author of one title, including The Chocolate Prophecy. New York Times Bestseller, the Pulitzer Prize, the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, a Tony, Grammy, and Oscar, the Nobel Peace Prize, Best in Show, Blue Ribbon, Student of the Month, and World’s Best Dad are all among the accolades he wouldn’t mind achieving one day. He has had his picture in the newspaper once.

Prior to his vaunted career as a starving artist, Ward distinguished himself in education, graduating 13th in his class, and receiving cute little awards for Media Production and Industrial Technology at one point. He went on to attain a phony-baloney Bachelor of Art in Communications, Film and Video Concentration, from Grand Valley State University. Their film school actually requires secondary enrollment, so to attain such a degree was way, way harder than it even sounds, which is worth noting.



With over 2 reviews on GOODREADS, the collective works of E.L. Ward are creating quite a buzz. Here's what people have to say:

Nice Things said about "The Chocolate Prophecy":

A total blast... With its multiple story lines and unexpected twists and turns combined with Ward’s skill at misleading the reader and feeding out surprising revelations at just the right time will keep readers thoroughly invested... [this book is] sure to win Ward passionate fans.

This tale is a wonderful marriage of fantasy and satire, world ending calamities and tender friendship... Be ready to laugh and sit on the edge of your seat- sometimes at the same time!



Matthew M McGuire,
AMAZON Customer Review

 Every page is full of fantastic and riveting detail as he creates a whole world for you to enjoy. If you enjoy fantasy and intense humor, please consider this marvelous piece of entertainment!

AMAZON Customer Review

This is not one of those amateur sounding, first book Amazon reads! This is a beautifully crafted, highly polished novel. I look forward to more!

Norr M,

An incredibly clever fantasy adventure that combines the strengths of J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchet and definitely shouldn't be missed!

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