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The Orphan Universe

"Orphan Universe" is the moniker assigned to stories in the setting first introduced in "The Chocolate Prophecy"... so named because the most defining characteristic of the universe is the fact that the Creators have long since withdrawn from it. Here you will find all titles released in this setting, organized by series.

Heron Prophecies

This is the flagship series of the Orphan Universe... the main storyline, following the ones known as the Traveling Associates on their epic, Noble Quests to save things.

Horus Templar cover placeholder.jpg

Horus Templar - Public Defender

Horus Templar is a lawyer, as well as one of the Traveling Associates from the Heron Prophecies series. These novellas bring to life a number of his most memorable cases, while he was still practicing law in Jast-Madiir, with no thought of ever meeting Jek, Audrey, Parissah, or any of the rest...

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